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Suing for wrongful termination

If you believe that your employer fired or laid you off from your job because of race, gender, age, sexual orientation/gender identity, religion, and national origin, call us at 888-762-0297 and ask to speak with a wrongful termination lawyer.

We can help clients resolve their wrongful termination claims in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and throughout all other counties in California.

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At-will employment

California is an "at-will" employment state. "At-will" employment means that your employer can fire you at any time for any reason but not an illegal or prohibited reason or a breach of your contract.

Wrongful termination in violation of federal laws

Firing an employee because of race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, religion, pregnancy status, military or veteran status, or due to their bias about your abilities based on your age, a physical or mental disability (including, in some cases) a disability of someone you're associated with is illegal in the US.

Wrongful termination in violation of public policy

In California, you can sue for wrongful termination if it happened in violation of public policy, such as:

Exercising a legal right – for example, voting, or

Refusing to do something illegal (e.g., submitting false tax returns or lying on reports your company presents to the government), or

Reporting illegal conduct.

Wrongful termination laws in California

The laws protecting California workers include the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), the Labor Code, and the Industrial Welfare Commission's Wage Orders.

When can you sue for wrongful termination?

In California, if your employer fired you due to a) harassment or discrimination, b) breach of your employment contract, or c) refusing to engage in or reporting illegal activities, d) unsafe working conditions during COVID-19, you might have a valid wrongful termination claim.

Wrongful termination of a contract

There can be a wrongful termination where your employer violates one or more terms of your contract, and you suffered because of that. For example, when your employer terminates you to avoid paying you a commission or bonus you have already earned. An "at-will" employee can be wrongfully terminated where the firing is a pretext used by the employer to get out of providing something already owed to the employee. If your employer has terminated your employment contract, call us at 888-762-0297 to discuss your situation. The initial consultation is always free.

How long does it take to resolve a wrongful termination dispute?

The length of time to resolve a termination claim depends on many factors involved, such as the specific facts of the case, the number of parties involved, the supporting evidence, whether the plaintiff accepts an offered settlement or the case goes to trial. There is no meaningful one-size-fits-all answer to give here. To know how long realistically it may take to resolve your dispute, call us at 888-762-0297 to speak with a lawyer for wrongful termination.

What is a typical employment lawsuit settlement?

Each case is unique. The circumstances of each wrongful termination claim is different too. If you want to know what compensation to expect in your case, you need to speak with a lawyer for wrongful termination.

In California, can my employment be terminated for no reason?

Yes. California is an "at-will" employment state, which means that your employer can terminate your employment for no reason (at-will) and at any time, but not for an illegal or prohibited reason. Not every termination is illegal, but if you feel you were wrongfully terminated, call our office at 888-762-0297.

Wrongful termination during COVID-19

If you were fired because of safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, you might have valid grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit. Some employers are using COVID-19 layoffs as a pretext to terminate employees where there would otherwise be a violation of anti-discrimination laws or other California or Federal laws.

Depending upon how severe a case of COVID-19 is involved, it may be considered aa disability, obligating your employer to provide a "reasonable accommodation" to perform your job. Similarly, if you are associated with someone who has COVID-19, your employer cannot discriminate against you because of that.

If your boss fired you because of your safety concerns about COVID-19, you need to consult with a wrongful termination lawyer right away.

Can you get fired without warning in California?

Your employer does not need to give you any notice so long as it's not an illegal termination or a breach of your contract. Most employees don't have a contract for a specific time, so they can be let go at any moment. If your contract does have a condition that you can only be fired "for cause" and a requirement to be given notice, that is a different matter. Alternatively, if the employee handbook states that you'll be given notice, you could probably rely on it. But generally, no warning is required as long as it's not a termination for an illegal reason.

Do I have a valid legal claim for wrongful termination?

The best way to know if your employer violates federal or state law or public policy is to speak with an experienced lawyer for wrongful termination. We invite you to call us. We help clients in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California to resolve wrongful termination disputes with their employers.

What can I recover in a wrongful termination lawsuit?

In California, in a wrongful termination lawsuit, you may expect to recover your lost wages and benefits, compensation for emotional distress, attorney's fees, and potentially punitive damages.

How does a lawyer for wrongful termination get paid?

We take cases on a contingency basis. Additionally, we advance all costs, which are to be reimbursed only after a successful recovery on your behalf.

To speak with a wrongful termination lawyer, call us or fill the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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Last updated on August 31, 2021.

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