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If you are an employee with disabilities, and you believe your employer didn't provide reasonable accommodations for you at work, or if the employer terminated your employment or denied training because of your disability, call us at 888-762-0297 to discuss your case.

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Disability discrimination definition

Disability discrimination can occur where an employer or other entity covered by either California or federal law discriminates in the workplace against an individual based upon their physical or mental disability or because of that individual's association or relationship with someone who has a disability.

Disability discrimination: California laws

In California, the FEHA (California Fair Employment and Housing Act) protects employees with mental and physical disabilities.

Disability discrimination: Federal laws

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law.

Both FEHA and ADA protect employees with disabilities in the workplace.

Examples of disability discrimination in the workplace in California

Prejudices against employees with disabilities can take many forms.

The employer may refuse:

To hire a person with disabilities,

To select a person with disabilities for company training,

Fire an employee or demote,

Discriminate in the form of compensation or conditions of employment.

How to prove disability discrimination

First, to prove disability discrimination, an employee must meet the criteria for being a disabled worker, as defined in the statute (ADA). It means that the employee must have an impairment, physical or mental, that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

Second, it is illegal to harass a worker with a disability or retaliate against an employee with a disability after filing a discrimination complaint.

Finally, it is also unlawful for any hiring manager in California to inquire during the interview or the employment application process about an applicant's disability.

If somebody harassed you at the workplace because of your disability, or your employer retaliated after you reported the behavior or filed a complaint, or if you were asked questions about your medical condition or medical history – or of someone you are associated with or related to, during the interview, call us at 888-762-0297 to discuss your case.

We are here to help.

Associational provision of the ADA

The ADA and FEHA also include an "association" provision to protect employees from discrimination based on their known relationship with a disabled person (e.g., ill family member). If you got fired from a job because your employer didn't like that you requested time off from work to take care of a person with disabilities, you might have a valid disability discrimination claim. Call us to talk about your situation with our attorney.

What evidence do you need to have to prove discrimination based on disability?

Each case is different. Call us to discuss your disability discrimination dispute. When we speak with you and understand your situation better, we can advise you what documents are required to file a complaint.

How does the disability discrimination lawyer get paid?

We take disability discrimination cases on a contingency basis, which means - there are no fees unless successfully recover for you. We advance all costs, which are reimbursed only after a successful recovery on your behalf.

For more information

To discuss your case, call us at 888-762-0297 and ask to speak with an attorney who handles disability discrimination cases.

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Last updated on September 24, 2021.

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