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FAQs on Wrongful Termination Claims

Posted August 4, 2022.

What is a wrongful termination and what are my rights if I'm terminated? An example of a wrongful termination would be where an employer fires an employee who exercises a right such as reporting unpaid wages or filing a claim for unpaid wages with the labor commissioner, or reporting a health and safety violation, or tries to protect a fellow worker from discrimination or harassment in the workplace. Another example would be an employer firing an employee in violation of the terms of their employment contract with that employee. California and federal laws protect employees from wrongful termination. This article answers certain frequently asked questions about wrongful termination in California. Read more...

FAQs on Pregnancy and Discrimination

Posted August 3, 2022.

What rights do I have as a pregnant employee? When an individual becomes pregnant while employed, there are common questions regarding their rights to medical leave and to take time off to care for their family. Both state and federal laws protect employees from discrimination based on their pregnancy, childbirth or any related medical conditions. This article addresses certain frequently asked questions about pregnancy and employment in the state of California. Read more...

Check Cashing Fees

Posted July 22, 2022.

No matter how your employer pays you - whether by check, pay card, or other method, your employer must make sure your have a way to get all your wages in cash, without paying a fee, and without delay. Checks from your employer must have the name and address of someplace in the state where you can go and cash it without paying a fee. Similarly, if you're paid by pay card, your employer must let you know where you can with draw all your wages at one time without paying a fee. Your employer also cannot make you to open a bank account to get your wages. Your employer may prefer to pay you by direct deposit, but if you don't have a bank account or do not want to accept direct deposit but prefer a paper check, your employer is not allowed to charge you a fee to get a paper paycheck. Additionally, if you are paid by check that bounces due to non-sufficient funds, there is a daily penalty of a day's wage until the check is made good by your employer. This penalty can go on for up to 30 days. Read more...

Can I sue my employer for emotional distress?

Posted July 15, 2022.

Stress or anxiety is sometimes a normal part of going to work, but when your boss or a co-worker causes so much emotional distress, that you cannot do your job you may be in a hostile work environment or other situation where you may be able to sue for emotional distress. The behavior must be more than mere slights or annoyances, and you generally need to show the behavior was so severe and outrageous that no reasonable person could tolerate it and that your emotional distress was is serious. Read more...

What are my rights at work?

Posted July 11, 2022.

Employees have rights at work, including equal pay for equal work, to be paid for every hour worked, paid rest breaks, on time meal periods, protection from discrimination and illegal employer retaliation, and protection from a hostile work environment. Read more...